The American Barn Turned Wedding Venue

Transform Your Barn Into A Stand-Out Setting For Any Party

As director of a renowned events management company in Sydney, Peter spends long days and nights putting up with the dramas of eccentric and demanding clients, trying to get their parties, functions or events just right.

Peter’s favourite place to escape this madness is his vast rural property near Goulburn. When Peter’s wedding rolled around, he decided to revamp the farm and throw an extravagant party away from the bright lights of the harbour. Peter and his partner wanted to build an American barn for their big day, fitting it out with a cowboy theme complete with hay bales, horses and chickens. As the property is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, they were concerned about guest accommodation for the weekend-long event. They decided that the only option was to build on-site guest units along with the heritage-style barn that would be used for the reception.

Peter had a lot of trouble finding a company to take care of the entire job from start to finish so he was extremely relieved when we told him that we would handle everything.

The design and install of both buildings had to be completed quickly, as the inspiration for this theme had hit him late in the game. Luckily, compared to inner-city councils, planning rules are less rigid where Peter’s property is located so we were able to get things moving. Peter had a clear vision of his dream barn – a fully galvanized building with touches of manor red in the doors to create an old barn look.

Luckily, when the suppliers informed us that there was no warranty on galvanized products when it comes to guarding against rust spots formed on the sheeting, his response was “Great, it will look better with a bit of rust on it!”. When we tried to order Peter’s unusual half-round galvanised gutter and none of the main steel supply companies could supply it, Metroll went the extra mile to outsource the products so that he got his flashy guttering. After this, the barn went up without a hitch.

Next on the list was the accommodation units. Long, narrow buildings were divided into four units with internal walls and topped off with a verandah.

These units were built on a hill slope, on piers and mezzanine floors with timber rather than slabs. The entire project came together beautifully and Peter even had the buildings fitted out with antique timber windows and doors.

Many of Peters friends must have decided they like the cowboy life – since the wedding, ShedPro has completed five more rural sheds of various size and design for Peter’s friends. Peter’s business has also been booming, so much so that they need to store the ever increasing collection of furniture and decorative party props on their farm. Peter rang us up a year after his wedding to organize the building of a huge storage shed with a 30° roof pitch. Once again, he knew exactly what he wanted and we think that the photos are proof he got it right again! The business must be growing more than ever because Peter has recently gotten in touch a third time, wanting yet another shed even bigger than the last.

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