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This was one of the most interesting and challenging jobs that ShedPro completed in 2017. Green Camel is an organic farming company and its Cobbitty site is used mainly to grow tomatoes and herbs – one of their chief customers is Woolworths, so you can imagine the quantities they’re churning out!

Godfrey had a lot on his plate when he got in touch with our team. Green Camel specialize in growing organic produce all over Australia and had contracted Godfrey as the man to get it done due to his renowned reputation and global experience in organic farming and chemistry. However, obtaining council approval for the new organic herb and tomato farm was easier said than done – red tape and shed building weren’t Godfrey’s speciality, so ShedPro guided him through the process as much as possible. Councils are pretty wary of horticulture techniques that use cutting edge technology, as they aim to ensure that no watercourses or land end up polluted by escaping fertilizer. While fertilizers may be great for your tomatoes, they can be harmful to local rivers and water catchments. Once the town planning and approval experts had managed this tedious and lengthy approval process, we stepped in to get the packing and distribution shed set up and completed.

The innovative methods that Green Camel use to grow and fertilize their produce are still wrapped in secrecy… Essentially, they are a fish farm as well, with huge stocks of Barramundi living on site in tanks. The excrement produced by these fish is fed hydroponically through their extensive glasshouse growing sheds. The plants are only touched by human hands at the time of planting and the rest of the process is robotic. The vegetables are grown in glass houses until they are ready to harvest, at which point the produce moves along a conveyor belt through a walkway and into the packing shed to be shipped out. ShedPro was tasked with creating the COLORBOND® walkways for this conveyor belt, stretching from the glass house to the packing shed. The biggest challenge was, of course, joining the COLORBOND® steel to the other structures (and ensuring that the crane didn’t drop a big length of steel onto a very expensive glass building!).

Operations at Cobbitty farm are going really well, with its innovative organic farming processes being featured in various news and current affairs programs.

We even returned to the site in 2018 to complete some awnings and would be more than happy to work with this great company yet again if they need any more structures.

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