Create Your Dream Home With a Liveable Shed from ShedPro

Liveable sheds are quickly becoming a popular choice for cost-effective, independent housing and can be transformed into cosy dwellings, teenager retreats, guest houses or rural weekenders.

Our liveable barns and sheds are supplied as DIY kit homes or erected by our team, depending on the level of service you request. We offer any building size, modern or traditional designs and even split level styles. Each of our liveable sheds is designed to accommodate all kinds of internal fittings and finishings that will make your shed house a home.

Begin With Any Of Our Liveable Shed Designs And Make It Your Own

ShedPro delivers all of the required steel components to build the perfect liveable shed.

We use a robust BlueScope Steel portal frame system, so you can be confident in the structure’s supreme strength and durability. This GALVASPAN® frame system can be cladded with either COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME®, depending on your preference. Importantly, our foundation design meets the Building Code of Australia’s criteria, meaning our buildings are 100% safe to inhabit.

If erected by the ShedPro team, we customize the engineering of your liveable shed so that it withstands local weather conditions and fits the site’s design criteria. This tailored approach ensures that your liveable shed will last a lifetime, all the while maintaining its appearance. While ShedPro does not offer plumbing or electrical services, we can connect you with our strong network of traders and builders so that you receive high-quality finishings and fittings.

If you choose a liveable shed kit home, you’ll have total control over the management of your new design. As an owner-builder, you’ll source and provide all of the finishings, such as plumbing, insulation, electricals, doors and windows, so you have final say over the building’s ultimate look and feel. Many of our customers even plan the interior design of their shed in advance of its erection to ensure they get exactly what they want.

Our Rural Sheds Are Built To Last

Discover All Our Quality Steel Sheds For All Rural Land Uses.

Expert Advice On Building A Liveable Shed

Our dedicated team works with you to determine the ideal building size and design for your needs, preferences and available space. We also understand that applying for building approval is a complex process. That’s why ShedPro is happy to advise you on the information needed for council and certification specifications. We can even supply the documentation required to obtain council approval, such as engineering plans, notes and letters, for a Class 1a building.

At ShedPro, we pride ourselves in offering dependable advice and aftercare assistance, so you can trust our expert team.

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